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Our Pledge

All animals raised by WhiskeyPigs Home Place Farm are treated humanely, are allowed to roam and graze on beautiful pastures, and are heritage breeds fed the finest ingredients, including whiskey mash from Troy & Sons!


Our WhiskeyPigs hogs are raised free range, antibiotic and hormone free on the WhiskeyPigs Home Place Farm in Leicester, NC. The Reeves Family has lived on this historic farm since the 1850’s. Robin Reeves is the sixth generation of Reeves now living on the farm and raise fine livestock as they always have. Located on the Leicester Highway about seventeen miles from Patton Avenue you can see the Reeves old brick home built with red bricks fired on the farm. Robin’s Great great grand father made his money selling liquor to the federal government. You can be certain that mash was fed to heritage breeds back in those days too!

We choose to raise award winning American Mulefoot and Red Wattles pigs. These heritage breeds produce delicious red pork, that have won taste tests against other heritage breeds and commercial pork.

Our cattle come from the WhiskeyPigs Home Place Farm’s original stock of Black Angus cattle, which are free range, antibiotic and hormone free. We partner with area farmers to raise our Black Angus Beef as cattle require lots of free range land. All the farmers participating in our program live in Sandy Mush and the Spring Creek area.

We raise Cornish Cross chickens from day old babies. They live free range, antibiotic and hormone free on the WhiskeyPigs Farm. Like all our animals there feed is supplemented with whiskey mash.

For five years we have raised award winning Standard Bronze and Double Breasted Bronze turkeys on the WhiskeyPigs Home Place Farm. Cooks Illustrated and Gourmet Magazine both have published articles claiming these breeds produce the best tasting Turkeys.

Our Promise

Your WhiskeyPigs Box will be full of authentic farm raised, grown, produced, milled or roasted products, package with love and care.

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